Working Group Members

Dianne Walker – Chair, Loud-Haler
Alan McKie – Vice-Chair, Diplomat
Helen McCord – Secretary, Risk, Elf & Safety
Joycee Bailey – Stalls & Prize Negotiator
Marie-Louise Johnson – Treasurer & Grotto Bouncer
Diane Ormrod – Ho Ho HQ Controller & Grotto Guru
Jacky Keating – Music Maestro & Band Roadie
Vicky Mohring – Design & Web Master, Creative Corner
Betty Grieve – HSSC, Bunting & Bins, Fast
Judith Potts – Scouts & Beavers, Star Pupil
Colin Abbott – Rotary, PA to Santa
Don Paterson – Rotary, Our Traffic Controller
Mike Garvey – Parade Pilot, Residents Liaison, aka ‘The Laminator’
Roger Maher – Chief Marshall, Chainsaws & Hay
Rich Barker – KITT Car Devotee, The Generator
Patricia Turner – Tree & Pet Guardian, Raffle
Kate Sillitoe – Parade Protocol, Garage & Scarecrow Trails
Peter Rolfe – Parade Pilot and Teacups Bouncer
Nicola Lightfoot – Hospitality and Helsby Hearts