Sponsors & Donors 2019

Thanks to our lovely local business sponsors who in these challenging economic times have stepped up and produced their cheque books to help fund Ho Ho Helsby since the volunteers started this in 2016.

So a very big thank you to our sponsors (in no particular order)…

sponsors 2019

You’ve kept the faith and invested in Helsby’s Christmas. We won’t let you down. Thank you!

And a very big thank you to our donors…

Hilltop Cat Boutique, Andrew Hayes, Henrietta’s Attic, Horn’s Mill Pub, Koraii, Beer Heroes, Oh My Cod! Traditional Fish and Chip Shop, Railway Pub, Gleaves Garden Centre, Yoga & Healing Cheshire, The Birdhouse Hair Salon, JTO & The Old Bank Tea Rooms, Helsby Tennis Club, Eileen Danks, Devonshire Bakery, Sonia Juby, Jon Cole, Helsby’s Wok