Ho Ho was Go Go!

The working group volunteers from Ho Ho Helsby would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the 2021 event in any way, by donations, gifts, support at fundraising events and of course their time and energy. We all look forward to planning for 3 December 2022 but for now though, the volunteers are hibernating until the Spring! Merry Christmas Helsby!  

In the mean time, grab a cuppa and have a browse through the wonderful photographs taken at this years event.
Photography credit: Duncan Cowley and Paul Downey

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Thanks to everyone who volunteered and supported Ho Ho Helsby this year. The weather conditions were a little ‘challenging’ 😳 but nothing was stopping this village’s spirit. Thank yous to all of you lovely locals, but especially 👏🏽 the Ho Ho Helsby Working Group, Mark Avis and all of the parade drivers, the dancers, singers and musicians, the marshals, the stall holders (especially those outside ⛈ !), the schools & nurseries staff & pupils, the land train driver, the feature cars & trucks, the ponies, pups & reindeer, the police & fire engine & ambulance (thankfully only required for their flashing lights, humour & smiles!), BA traffic management guys, residents of Callender Way & Heat Trace, all donors and sponsors, our garage, shops, cafes, pubs and bars, Rotary, JTO & grotto, the photographers, our electrician JW and our carpenter SS 🎅, the litter pickers, and CWAC street clean, churches, scouts, the pc & community centre and …. anyone else who knows us 🤣👏🏽⛄️ 3rd December 22 – save the date!

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