Supporters & Volunteers 2016

Andrea and Ed Brereton
Cerys Walker – Creator of Ho Ho Helsby brand
Jennifer McCord
Georgia Massey
Hazel Catt
Nikki Jones, Creating Names
Sarah Mingaud Beauty
Tracey Ithell
Dawn Farrell, Elizabeth Arnold
JTO Vintage Tea
Holy Moly
Paper Doll
Emi, Helsby Holistics
Smart Barbers
Suzanne, Headlines
Annmarie, Holistic Beeches
The Hornsmill
Monika Moo
Quill Paper Scissors
Helsby Post office
Helsby Spice
Helsby Fast Food
Jill Rowlands
Tracy Nichols
Maryam Gym
Di Limam
The Courtyard
Charlotte Hale
Jan Hayes
Sarah Fletcher, Helsby To Hand
Helsby News
Vicky Mohring, Carswell Creative
Duncan Cowley Photography
Helsby Golf Club
Elizabeth Kerley, Nordic Walking
Helsby Tennis Club
Jacky Keating
Golden Orb Solutions
John Tandy
Stuart Fletcher